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Originally Posted by AGS View Post
Oh dear, with that throttle everything takes ages, even when I use -50 or -300. I was not able to figure out which direction is faster/slower.
Hm, it works for me... I get half the max. cpu speed with "-500.0" and 3/4 of the max speed with "-250.0" (verified with benchmarks). Do you use the latest development version of fs-uae? If not, you should do it - because the stable version has issues with fastest possible mode and is also a lot slower.
Even E-UAE does not do this even when in jit-mode.
AFAIK e-uae uses only one cpu core. This could be an explanation why fs-uae heats up the cpu more.

BTW: Did you check your graphics card driver? Perhaps your opengl display is rendered in software mode...
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