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Nevermind, please disregard.

For those having similar issues, I re-downloaded the fs-uae-launcher and fs-uae-arcade archives (dev versions) from Frode's website. I then installed as normal, with one change. Previously I installed this way:
sudo python install
However, it appears that the dev versions rely on python 3.3+ (using 3.4 here), so when I installed them this way instead:
sudo python3.4 install
Everything worked fine after that. I can now run /usr/local/bin/fs-uae-arcade and /usr/local/bin/fs-uae-launcher just perfectly. I needed the following packages (debian sid):
python3-pyqt5.qtopengl, python3-opengl, python3-pyqt5, as well as a base python 3.4 installation as well. Cheers
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