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and here are my Winuae settings ( in a new post - so I don't make too big of a wall of text)

"ROM" tab:
ROM File: Kick310.rom
Key File: rom.key
(everything else untouched/ default)

"Sound" tab.
Sound Emulation: "Enabled, 100% accurate"
Frequency: 44100 Hz
Stereo Mode: Stereo
Interpolation: Enabled
(everything else untouched/ default)

"OpenGL" tab.
Enable OpenGL checkbox: ON
32bit, Bilinear
(everything else untouched/ default)

"Display" tab.
Full screen checkbox: ON
Select: 1024x768, 32-bit
(everything else untouched/ default)

All other Tab settings I have not touched so should be default still I would assume.

I hope there is enough info here to provide you with some clue for what I'd need to do to fix that odd "no Fire button function with keyboard or mouse" issue?
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