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Hello newguy99,

Welcome to EAB

Hmmm, very strange. I would have thought that what you've tried i.e. pressing <F12> ejecting the disk and then inserting the next one would work.

To be honest I don't think I've ever played the game so I'm not sure if it supports 1, 2 or 3 disk drives...

I don't know about this booting from Disk 1, inserting Disk 2 - resetting, inserting Disk 3, you talk about though. I wouldn't imagine that would work at all and am a bit surprised that Disk 2 booted. I would have expected Disk 2 to do the same as Disk 3, guess it must be bootable...

A few questions:

1) What version of WinUAE are you using?
2) Are you using the Quickstart A500 / A2000 settings?
3) What Kickstart ROM are you using?
4) Finally, which .ADF files are you using e.g. Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 1 of 3)(Intro).adf + Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 2 of 3)(1-Program).adf + Harlequin (1993)(Gremlin)[cr SKR](Disk 3 of 3)(Level).adf?

Actually looking at the above disks, Disk 1 is the Intro Disk, Disk 2 is the Data Disk, Disk 3 is the Level Disk... In this case Disk 2 may well be bootable as suggested above.

Another thing I do is use <End> + <F1> or <F2> or <F3> or <F4> (F1 - F4 for different drives) to eject the disk and then prompt for a new one, instead of going into the GUI to swap disks etc...

I would try doing the following:

1) Start WinUAE and select the Quickstart A500 / A2000 option.
2) Just try only having 1 disk drive enabled for now. Insert the Intro Disk and boot.
3) When you come to the point "Harlequin Please Insert Disk 1" press <End> + <F1> and insert the Program Disk.
4) When you come to the point "Please Insert Level Disk, Press "fire" to continue" press <End> + <F1> and insert the Level Disk.

Hopefully this will work for you...

Tonight I will also download the .ADF files and test for you when I get home

PS. Sorry for the post length as well
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