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I looked into building a Adapter board, but the memory controllers for both type are differnet, so its not just differently arranged signals, there are different signals to boot.

The linkie Coze has provided, is the only realy method at the moment for said hackery, infact i was going to make and Adapter board that went from gvp64 to standard 72pin edo/fpm

there were a few of problems
  • It would need to be manufactured due to the pcb size required (not cheap)
  • It would show compatibility issues with some 8MB (depending on how there matrix was arranged)
  • 16MB / 32MB SIMMS would not work at all.
  • The biggest problem would be that the Adapter would not fit insidea a basic A1200 case.

I even thought well hey, just build a controller for the missing circuit, but GVP have what can only be considered archaic in memory controll

so yes,.... get hacking....
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