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GVP 64 pin RAM

So... I've recently (re)bought myself and A1200 and have tricked it up. I am very pleased with it, and also Bloodwych's Workbench installer . I've picked up a GVP 1230+ accelerator with with an 030 onboard running at 40MHz. I wanted something that would take 72 pin SIMMs and had an RTC, but got sick of waiting for one to turn up on FleaBay and go for silly money. I've been trawling the InterWebNetDotCom for some GVP style RAM but I have found absolutely none...... My questions to you wise people are therefore:

1) Will RAM made for a Mac IIFX (also 64 pin) slot into the board and work OK?
2) Does anybody make a 64 to 72 pin SIMM adapter so I can use more common RAM?
3) Why the hell did GVP decide on a rare RAM configuration anyway?

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