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PCMCIA SRAM cards as Fast RAM (A600)

I had always assumed you could only use specifically designed Amiga-compatible cards to add PCMCIA fast ram to an A600/A1200 but now I've started to get the impression any PCMCIA 1.0 SRAM cards will work, the speed doesn't bother me only that I will have 2MB Chip +2/4MB Fast and be able to play Settlers size8/preload on WHD (It's gotta be quicker than OS switching to the HD)

Do you need a driver or something specific to the card model or is the A600 set up to recognise any standard SRAM card and use it as Fast RAM? Or maybe there is a generic driver that can work with alot of cards if you are lucky?

Any help/links at all on PCMCIA RAM cards will be appreciated, I'm looking for any information really as I know very little about them other than I want one

This is not flash ram for transferring files I'm talking about btw, a 10Mbps NIC does that fine and I don't have PCMCIA on my PC anyway
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