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I think I see what you mean. I set fullscreen to 1280x1024 and used null filter 2x to bring a normal 640x512 (doubleline) screen to fullsize. and like the screen shot above it looks like lines are being cut.

Setting Bilinier scalling to 1 seems to to cure it, but then you get the blurry image I guess you want to avoid ?

This perhaps like the old issue of ddraw image not being touched by drivers/hardware scaling and in d3d mode the image does get auto effected by gpu/driver hardware scaling.

Edit: - Above is for chipset gfx. For rtg the screen should only open a mode that you request with the software and will only show what modes your gfx card/monitor are capable of anyway. In my ati prefs i have gpu scaling set to Always maintain Aspect Ratio. So if a small screen like 640x512 is opened, it will auto get scaled to fit my screen and look correct. (with black bars down the side).

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