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Hello from Czechia

Hi all,
(disclaimer: English is not my native lang)
... after a looong break from anything Amiga-related (I had an A500 in my childhood) I slowly began to acquire some A500 boards on eBay and elsewhere 5 years ago. Due to recent moving I was unable to get a single A500 fully working with nice video output, so this year will (hopefully) be my comeback to the Amiga world.

Why not AGA? Well, I don't think my limited time would allow me to concentrate on more than my beloved A500 machine, and I also like the limitations of OCS/ECS. I think that's what makes it somehow special

I hope to find answers here to my new A500 problems like a parts list, because I will have to re-cap some boards and I also found a damaged resistor on one of my rev6a.

BTW I was shocked how expensive the A500 boards are on eBay nowadays! From 50 EUR (5 years ago) to at least 150 EUR today... That's just sick, don't you think?
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