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FS-UAE 4.0.26-master (available via auto-update) contains fix for audio filter

Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
Hm, oversleeping is always bad. Ask my employer!
Perhaps it depends on the kernel configuration, like preempt=idle/full/voluntary CONFIG_HZ_xxx and all the other fun stuff...
It probably depends on a lot of things - but it isn't really a bug, sleeping (unless you have real-time scheduling) does not guarantee anything. The sleep duration you specify is more like the "minimum" time you want to sleep.

Usually not a problem, but when you don't want to miss v-sync, sleeping 10 ms extra every now and then will cause occasional stuttering. With v-sync off, or g-sync/freesync, the problem (consequences) is not that big. Bug fans spinning loudly is annoying too, so it is reasonable to assume it will default to off - I'll probably end up with both a config option and a keyboard shortcut to toggle busy-waiting / sleep-wait mode.
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