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1) My apologies. I was asking about the comment and blank line before SetPatch. I thought I remembered something about that being a no-no, but when testing with a newly opened shell, typing SetPatch says "Patches already installed" so I think that answers that Q.

2) FYI: After testing it appears that if I type "newshell" in shell, the new shell will inherit both settings. However if I close out all shell's and open a new one from the GUI, they are both back to default. Interestingly, when "path" is set in Startup-Sequence it seems to become the default... every new shell will inherit it. This is not true for "stack".

3) I'm pretty much re-mastering the original release with a simplified Startup to make it easier to understand. This is as the original 2-floppy set. If the adf's are converted back to real floppies it should still run on a 512K single-floppy system (with the edits noted in Startup-Sequence). If I get the time I'll do a second HD file organization of both floppies which will be more suited to an emulator or actual HD system.

I really appreciate the help you have given me in this thread. Thank you!
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