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Thanks again daxb! If it's not too much trouble would you take a look at my Startup-Sequence? Workbench 1.3 (34.20). Trying to keep it simple, but any constructive criticism is appreciated. A few things I wonder right off the bat...

1) SetPatch should be the first command, but does that mean nothing, not even a comment before it? I'm having a dejavu feeling that there should be nothing before it.

2) Do the PATH or (commented out) STACK settings only last for the duration of the script? My guess is No and Yes, respectively.

3) Any other problems stand out?

;;; My Startup-Sequence

SetPatch >NIL: ; Patch system functions

Path RAM: c: SYS:system s: add ; Add directories to path

;;; I don't think this matters much (default is 10?)
; AddBuffers df0: 8 ; Buffer blocks for drive

Echo ""
Echo "      ==  Hello World  =="
Echo ""

;;; Comment out this line for 512K systems
FastMemFirst ; Move C00000 memory to last in list

;;; Don't think this should execute by default
; BindDrivers  ; For printers, etc?

;;; If this command is available, it's handy for boot-time info

;;; Set Stack to 12288 for 512K Startup, 20480 for >512K
;;; 2020: I'm not sure this matters at all, it's only for the duration
;;; of Startup-Sequence? If Startup fails, uncomment this & re-test.
;Stack 20480

;;; Load system date & time from real time clock
;;; A1000 users should set the date & time manually
SetClock load

;;; Mount the new console (used by Shell)

;;; Make sure CLI includes Shell-Seg
Resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM pure add ; Activate Shell

;;; Not enough room on Disk1 for command files to do StartupII
;Failat 11
;run execute s:StartupII
;wait >NIL: 5 mins ; Wait for StartupII to complete (will signal when done)

;;; Change to the directory with the executables
Cd MainDirectory

;;; Set the environment variables by 3 Assign'ments or First!
;;; Pick one method to use
;Assign MyPIC: Disk1:Data/pictures    ; The output directory
;Assign MyDAT: Disk1:Data             ; The data directory
;Assign MyBIN: Disk1:Bin              ; The app's directory
First! ; GUI for setting the environment variables
       ; You must click ASSIGN to make the Assign's, RETAIN means cancel.
       ; Unfortunately it does not inherit from the current Assignments,
       ; the default settings are baked into the app.

;;; Pick one method to start program Main (512K or >512K)
;RunBack Main WB  ; For 512K systems (load WB after exiting Main)
LoadWB delay     ; For >512K systems  - We have memory space to
RunBack Main     ; For >512K systems  - load both WB and Main

Endcli >NIL:

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