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I had a look at my OS1.3 WHDLoad install. L:Shell-Seg should have the pure (p) bit set. If this is not the case on your install it might be the causer of your problem. The PURE argument should overwrite a not set pure bit, if I understand it right. However, try "protect L:Shell-Seg p add" to set the pure bit, uncomment the resident line in your S-S and reboot to see if it help. With:
Resident CLI L:Shell-Seg SYSTEM pure add
CLI - is the name of the resident "module"
L:Shell-Seg - is the file that will be load.

Because the Shell-Seg is added you should get two times CLI in the "resident system" list if everything worked as expected. I don't know why Shell-Seg is added instead of replaced by default. If you want to know details about Shell/CLI you should ask Thomas Richter.

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