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Exclamation Attention Amiga freaks!

Ok, I'm looking to dig up some of the Amiga games I played really long ago, but I hardly remember them, and I have no idea what they were called, so it's REALLY hard, could someone help me recognize these game?

One is a puzzle game where you play this.. thing.. which has to move through some rooms I think, and you can only move in a certain way and you had to like reverse the room (so holes become hills, etc.) at the correct positions in order to get through the rooms.

Another game, I don't remember well at all, in fact, I don't even remember what it played like, I remember it looked sort of adventure game like, the character looks like some kind of astronaut I think and, uh, walks through some rooms and.. does stuff.. I think it had teleporters, if that help...

as you can hear, I don't have much of a chance of finding these games, but if anyone here has any idea what games they could be, please tell me
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