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Old PC FPS Game I can't remember!!

Yep, not Amiga related but still a game!

Probably from late 90's early 2000! All I can remember is it's an FPS style game and this particular level you got to wander around some corridors and enter rooms but one 'room' was actually a studio set on the moon! There was a hut/control room in one corner and a lunar lander I think and you could run around the moons surface. Also think there was a lighting rig in the roof and the American flag in the ground! Not much to go on but the Moon set stuck so might jog someone elses memory!

Also there was a metal gantry/walkway where you had to climb on top of the metal structure to progress I think, just remembered that, and one room that looked to be a science lab, again not much to go on but when you can't remember....

It's not DOOM, that was MARS and it's not a strategy game, that's RTS not FPS
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