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Brilliance is pretty easy to learn and use, and becomes quickly completely intuitive, but I guess it's good to have tutorials for it.

I think it's a really great tool for lores hand-pixelling kind of art, that's where I found its strength. Brilliance almost completely removes the obstacle or wall between what you want to do and the end result - using it is so intuitive that it's like you think of certain type of dithering, and it automatically appears on the screen, not even noticing how your hand, mouse and Brilliance act as conduits to make it all happen. You can almost directly channel your pixels onto the screen...

I would never want to use anything else.

Ah, yeah, Brilliance can also do color cycling brilliantly.. I think it always processes images as 24-bit, so the color cycling is even smoother (if you so wish) than anything you have ever seen on VGA/MCGA..
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