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I have a B1260 with SCSI Kit which is then passed through to a CF card. I have always booted off this and all works well under 3.9.

I have now migrated to AOS 3.2 and have almost got everything sorted, but am struggling with myunitcontrol, which previously I ran in the startup sequence to set the transfer rate as I couldn't make it stick any other way.

But, this no longer seems effective under 3.2 in the startup sequence. I boot up and am getting just under 4mb/s read speed, then I run the same command in shell and it doubles it to what I was getting previously.

I have tried moving the command within the startup sequence, tried using WBrun and WBload but seem to be getting nowhere. It doesn't break the startup sequence or anything - is just not effective.

The command that worked previously (and still does via shell) was :
c:myunitcontrol unit 3 device 1230scsi.device period 10

I still have a few more ideas to try but would appreciate any suggestions - what little time I have currently I am devoting to my TF1260 setup on my other a1200
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