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I was afraid you would say something like this ;-)

Thank you very much for pointing me to your Maptapper! It looks very good and much more comfortable than GfxRip. I tried it quickly and found the gfx (Amiga Bootscreen) very fast. Really nice!
I already read your interesting sprite tricks page in the past but missed Maptapper.

As I wrote I wanted to use it to analyse gfx code in WinUAE debugger. Is it possible to save the Statefile from WinUAE-Debugger? (to have a state file exactly at a certain breakpoint or after a certain call)

As an idea:
would it be possible to connect Maptapper somehow to WinUAE debugger to have an automatically updated display?

One last question for the moment:
Can the display be set to match Amiga aspect ratio? (Pixel twice as high as wide?)

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