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Originally Posted by Robo-Sparkle View Post
Yeah, there's a shortcut to wizeroids in the toilets on level one:

Go down the well and put a token in the "balloon" machine, then go in the left door. Once inside ignore the two doors and find the hidden door on the right. This will activate the number for the secret rooms. Once you go in the left door again, it should say "room 1" on top (you don't need to do this, but IMO it makes it easier to search)

You need to get to room 206. So go through:

Gents (to room 3)
Ladies (6)
Ladies (12)
Gents (25)
Gents (51)
Gents (103)
Ladies (206)

And the wizeroids door will be on the right.
Right ta for that, i'll give it a go, i've got a feeling the graphics file for Wizeroids wasn't 100% imaged because I can get the game working, but all the graphics are funked!
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