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Wizkid WHDLoad woes

As discussed in this thread, but it will probably get a bigger audience here.

I'm having a pretty big problem with this. When I get to the Wizeroids section at the end of the game, after I've inserted my money, as some more text appears on the screen it abruptly goes completely black and that's it. Nothing else happens and nothing I can do except quit back to Workbench.

I'm using the version found on KG's site and there isn't a more up-to-date slave.

Any suggestions? Is it just a dodgy version installed? Or is it a bug in the slave which has gone unreported for eight-and-a-half years?

(Also, while I'm here... does anyone know of a fully-working ADF version? I had one once but I can't remember where it is.)

Thanks all.
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