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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
I see that you do not know Windows well, as mentioned above you have to disable Hidden Files, System Files and also extension (optional), see screnshot attached below.
Ouch, charlie, that really hurts...

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
The config file "host-props" is the one that decides which config to start
I will look into that.

Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
On VMWare it's a bit slow, for the mouse looks at the entries in my config file

WMWare: Amilator AfA-OS

[ Show youtube player ]
I got it working on VMWare and looks quite fast, but no sound. Do you have you sound working, and if yes, how?!

Attached screenshot of ClassicWB P96 running on Amilator onVMWare Workstations. I managed to fix mouse before I read your post by using the same value from your config. I did not try different ROM, just A1200 kickstart. Does Amiga 4000 3.1 kickstart makes any difference?

I lowered zorro to 128MB and have it all installed on Harddisk. I see that OS is running form HDF file as well (Debian), so updates does not looks to make any difference, since at next reboot it goes back to original state. (So vmware tools don't seem to be installed, even I installed them)

Thank you!
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