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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Yes, files are hidden, but on my computers I always have enabled to show all hidden files. I see all windows system files, but those 2 I did not see on any of drives, until I used CMD to show directory.



shows file being there. I am still lost why this does not show on file explorer, but it was too late to check that. I will continue working on it tonight.
I see that you do not know Windows well, as mentioned above you have to disable Hidden Files, System Files and also extension (optional), see screnshot attached below.

LOL, reason I was looking for those files was your video, because I saw files being created by syslinux and latter reading about it, found that those 2 files are required for this to work. Thank you!
Yes, they are necessary, they are similar to those created by MS-DOS and Windows systems.

SO far I got to boot to ClasssicWB P96 workbench (HDF), but no Fast or Zorro 3 memory and there were couple more warnings. Does Zorro 3 require special ROM or just KS 3.1 from A4K or A1200??
No normal Rom 3.0/3.1

I should probably first get it to work again on FS-UAE on windows before attempting to work on Amilator.
It is better to do tests, you can also do them on VMWare

I was not able to check performance on one of my old laptops, but if this work, I might look into installing this on HD. Are there any good tutorials how to do that?
Yes you can also test on WinUAE

Is there a way to select configuration or you have to use Loader to specify what config to start?
The config file "host-props" is the one that decides which config to start

Another Edit:

Just for fun, I tried to install this on VMWare, preparing 20GB virtual hd, formating it as fat32, setting partition active and mbr with syslinux (had to use -f to force for non-usb drive), installed files (copy of my setup on that other laptop, with modified FS-UAE configuration - and no errors - it loads into P96 ClassicWB, but mouse is not responding and no sound. (even VM shows sound device active)

Went out to debian, installed updates (some failed, probalby for security reason of running it on Fat32 partition), installed VMWare tools - but still no mouse or sound on vmware.

Later tonight I will try it on couple of other old laptops.

Still lost, why is looking for systems with more then 3 GB memory?!
On VMWare it's a bit slow, for the mouse looks at the entries in my config file

WMWare: Amilator AfA-OS

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