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This isn't a big deal, and perhaps more difficult than warrants bothering, but... I gave 1 Across 2 Down a shot should there be a note somewhere or perhaps the language being "English/UK"? The title screens do say something about it being licensed to a company in the UK or something, so it shouldn't be a total shock to try to get 'color' to fit 6 letters.

Actually 'colour' wasn't what had me thinking about English/UK, but the first puzzle asks about the terminus for the London rail or something, and some other location.. And I also had a look further, and one answer is 'warder' when in the US we'd typically call them 'warden.' I stopped looking when I found that example; there may be more.

Also, I don't think it would be necessary to do this with all games, certainly, but this one does have an impact on gameplay... Anyway, just a thought. I do love Gamebase Amiga
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