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Upgrading an 040 to an 060:

Both the Cyberstorm PPC and the Cyberstorm MKIII boards allow the use of either a 68060 or a 68040 processor. Both processors are quite similar, with the exception that the 68060 runs on 3.3 volts instead of the 68040's 5 volts, and the 68040 uses a 2x clock signal instead of the 68060's 1x clock. The following outline shows how to upgrade a 25MHz 68040 board to a 50MHz 68060. Note that I have not actually tried this myself - I do not have an 040 chip!

1: Install the appropriate 68060 libraries. Copy both the 68060.library and the 68040dummy.library into SYS:LIBS. Delete (or remove) the existing 68040.library, then rename the 68040dummy.library to 68040.library. When finished, power down the Amiga.

2: Carefully remove the 68040 chip by gently levering it up with a small screwdriver. Avoid bending the pins.

3: Locate the voltage select jumper, in the centre of the 68040 socket. Move it to the 3.3 volt position by careful soldering. (see above).

4: Move Jumper No 5 (see above) to the 68060 default position.

5: Install the 68060 chip into the socket.
From here: Linky I can confirm it works, is a lot faster & cooler .

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