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Question Changing 68040 25 to 68040 33 on 603e plus

Hi all,

So I’m looking to upgrade a Phase 5 603e plus 68040/PPC card from the bog standard 68040 25 MHz CPU that’s on the card to a 33 MHZ CPU.
So what I think I can do is swap the 50 MHZ Oscillator for a 66 MHZ one and the CPU (25mhz) to the new 33mhz one.
Now considering this card also houses a built in SCSI adapter I cannot see any issues here as I’m not increasing the clock on the board beyond the theoretical limit of 66mhz.
I couldn’t see any threads on here about upgrading a 603e in this manner and every search on Google mentions phase 5 releasing a 68040 603e version at 25mhz only.
Oh yes I know you can upgrade these cards to an 060 and it probably only give me a small speed advantage if the 68040 can be upped. But hey I’ve got a spare 33mhz 68040 so why not give it a try?

Thoughts etc?

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