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Visual DMA debugger feature request

I find myself using the Visual DMA debugger quite frequently and think it's a very useful tool. However, there's two things that could make it even better (well I think anyway ).

1) Would it be possible to make it so that the Visual DMA debugger can be toggled? As is, it seems to be possible to turn it on, but not to turn it back off.

2) Currently, the VDMA debugger shows on the main emulation window. Would it be possible to get it to display in a separate window? This would make it more useful for 'general use'.

Should these options already exist, I've been unable to figure them out

Regardless of whether you decide to implement these features, thanks for anyway! WinUAE is a daily-use application for me that has changed how I look at the Amiga and programming for it entirely.
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