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Moving HDD from Pc to Amiga

Afternoon all. Please post me a link if this has been answered before.

I've spent a productive day (unproductive in my wife's eyes) creating a CF HDD using WinUAE for use in a Amiga 600 37.300. I have misplaced the workbench disks (I managed to find the manual). I can buy more but wanted to start immediately using the PC and moving the HDD to the Amiga.

After a lot of trial and error I managed to clear the PC partitions on the CF in the command prompt and setup the CF drive in WinUAE with help of the forum.

Workbench 2.1 is installed on 1 of the partitions (HD0 as bootable) and if I close WinUAE fully and run it again selecting only the HDD (no floppies) it boots to workbench and shows all my wonderful partitions/drives.

I used all the same parameters in WinUAE as my actual Amiga including RAM setup etc.

I have a IDE board. For full disclosure I'm not sure if the jumper is on 1/2 or 2/3 but on 1 setting the LED doesn't light nor does the Disk light on the Amiga and on one setting both the LED and the Amiga lights flash so I'm assuming this is the correct jumper setting (I have tried both anyway).

I insert the CF HDD created in WinUAE and the Amiga just shows the purple kickstart screen with the floppy disk.

I must be close. What am I doing wrong.
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