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Sourcing basic circuit components..?

I've been thinking about this for a while. I think I'm ready to dip my toe in that muddy pool known as:
'Making your own circuits from scratch'

Obviously I have a small project in mind that will hopefully not over-tax my meager skills.
(I usually modify computers with power-tools)

Now, the basics I have down:
Circuit diagram ready to go.
Soldering iron, etc...
Nice little copper-laminated board + EtchResist Marker Pen etc.
Trusty dremmel + relevant bits.

Lets see how much of a holy c*ck-up I can make...

Here's where it goes a bit runny:
I've been a-googling: Parts for what I'm up to seem to be hard to find in units of less than 50 or so.
I'm hoping one of you nice peeps can point me in the right direction. Preferably an on-line version of a good-oldfashined electronics shop who will sell me a bag of bits rather than 'industrial quantities'.

Here's my shopping list:
- a 74ALS00 DIL IC (little black thing with legs)
- a 36mhz TTL Oscillator DIL-14 (little silver thing with fewer legs)
- a 20k resistor (stripey cylinder with two wires)
- a 100nF Cermic capacitor (blue-shiny blobs with two legs)
- a straight socket plug, female, 2 pins (what you'd plug over mobo-header pins to connect another PCB)
- a 90° plug, male (kind-of like mobo-header pins)
- some spade-connectors (I've possibly got a few of them )

- Some duplicates for when the magic smoke escapes from the Mk1 version...

Now, I've had a scout around the 'old PCB pile' to reclaim the parts & Sod's Law dictates I have none of the above...
...well, I suppose I cold make the 90° plug from some motherboard-header pins & I could probably butcher something very unreliable for the female pin-socket.

My thanks in advance.
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