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Originally Posted by kikems View Post
We test ptplayer before as amos extension, but the extension not work for mixing audio samples when mod music is playing.

Mainly we need an amos audio extension that use low mem resources, good compatibilitie with protracker mods and have ability to play fx sound or samples during music playing. Example = You are in a room with a music background an you open a chest , chest have their own sound.

We have 2 options :

1 - play sample over music muting the music during length of fx sample.
2 - prepare mod music for 3 channels a left 1 Chanel for fx effects samples.

For option 2 we need update play sample command too.
If you are still using the Amos Music extension to play the sound effects, of course it will conflict. The sound effects also need to be played through PTPlayer.
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