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Nope, you can get a PAL-N <-> PAL-B Transcoder for about 50 bucks or something. Go to a pro video store and ask for a PAL-N/PAL-B transcoder, this will solve yoru problem BUT it wont let you switch to 60 Hz mode probably.

Even with an amiga mouse, as I said above, your CD32 would be outputting PAL-B at 60Hz so you will still get NO COLOR.

Get the transcoder, you will hardly ever need NTSC, really. Importing a 1084 from europe is stupid in many ways. 1084s are all mostly dying so there's a huge chance that when you receive it it will die soon. It won't last long. And it will cost you a bloody fortune, which is better spent in purchasing an RGB capable TV set. The transcoder is still MUCH CHEAPER.
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