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Originally Posted by Akiko View Post
I fancy completing Wing Commander again, but it seems a bit sluggish on a stock CD32, and graphics corrupt when playing it accelerated with TF330.

Does anyone know where I can find the CD32 Special edition of this, or any version that works well with an accelerated CD32?


As others have said, with the screen size and code of Wing Commander, the pure CPU version of the C2P routines is much faster than Akiko.

If you fancy trying it anyway - it’s still definitely playable - you should install the MMU.library and it’s 68030.library. It will mark Akiko’s address as non cacheable.

...unfortunately Akiko was never meant to be working on any cpu above a 020. On a 68030 the data cache will mess with Akiko’s detection routines in the OS. Wing commander does not use the os, but you still need to make sure that the data-cache is off when reading/writing to it (this is basically due to the silly nature of the chip: you write 8 times to the same location and read back 8 times from it. Guess what a data-cache would do... ;-)).

If you fancy using Akiko for os-friendly stuff, I made a hacky patch that will force the OS to use Akiko again: You’ll still need either the mmu.library OR to disable the data-cache (killing performance).

I found that Akiko still helps a bit on a 68030 with ADoom. Slightly faster than the blitter-assisted C2P.

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