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Originally Posted by SnakeCoils View Post
...I compiled it following your instructions but the "Not found PNG" errors at startup are still here.
I reviewed the code and found two places with missing byte swap. Please try modifying the two lines in question and recompile:

--- a/fs-uae/libfsemu/src/data.c
+++ b/fs-uae/libfsemu/src/data.c
@@ -99,13 +99,13 @@ int read_zip_entries (FILE *f) {
         // no signature found, not a zip file
         return ERROR_EOCDR_SIG;
-    if (eocdr.num_entries > 8192) {
+    if (le16toh(eocdr.num_entries) > 8192) {
         return ERROR_EOCDR_ENTRIES;
     pos = le32toh(eocdr.central_directory_offset);
     central_file_header cfh;
-    for (int i = 0; i < eocdr.num_entries; i++) {
+    for (int i = 0; i < le16toh(eocdr.num_entries); i++) {
         // printf("reading zip entry %d from position %d\n", i, pos);
         if (fseek(f, pos, SEEK_SET) != 0) {
             return ERROR_CFH_SEEK;
Originally Posted by SnakeCoils View Post
Also I have tried to build this release without omitting the Amiga PPC part and the only point where the build breaks is the following
I'm not that interested in altering the PPC emulation code to make it work on PPC, as the feature isn't really that important, and I have no easy way to test that/if it works. If someone else creates clean patches I can apply, that's quite another ting

Originally Posted by ppcamiga1 View Post
What about jit? Are there any chances of adding jit to ppc emulation?
There a chance that PPC emulation will get JIT eventually, but that does not automatically mean PPC hosts will be supported... :-/
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