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I found out more about what it is. You were right the images are fine. Thank you for checking.

Now I am almost 100% sure it must be some bug concerning "relative paths" in Winuae.

My shiftrix zip file full path name with filename is
"D:\Emu\uaewin_current\Games\MoreGames\Shiftrix (1991)(Software 2000)[cr EP].zip"

If I unselect "use relative paths" in WinUAE paths panel, and then click "reset to Defaults," the game works fine using quickstart. When I select the disk image in quickstart panel it pops up as

"Shiftrix (1991)(Software 2000)[cr EP].zip { D:\Emu\uaewin_current\Games\MoreGames\ }"

and loads fine

If I check "use relative paths" first, then click "reset to defaults," and then I select my diskimage in quickstart panel, it pops up as

"Shiftrix (1991)(Software 2000)[cr EP].zip { .\Games\MoreGames\ }"

(notice the path difference in the curly braces)

and an error dialog with an OK button immediately pops up saying
"The selected floppy disk image is not bootable (boot block checksum error)"

But it is the exact same file I am trying to load. Just a different path reference. I think it must have to do with the combination of path plus filename that confuses WinUAE?!?!

EDIT: Looks like it is just the path. I just renamed the file to "" and winuae still reports an error when trying to select it with "relative paths" enabled

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