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Those parts are common 1M x 16-Bit Dynamic RAM 1k Refresh with at least 60ns speed. Obsolete now, of course.

You'll find them easily on 4 and 8Mb SIMM sticks and they are in P-SOJ42 package (42-pin chips for SMD soldering).

Part is HYB5118160BSJ-60, but you can grab HYB5118160BSJ-50 (50ns), but the later is rare.

Remember that 3.3V versions exists and are not compatible. I have a few of those SIMM sticks at home, but they will cost too much to send to you.

Here is the PDF datasheet for the unit.

BTW: I can bet your problem is not related to the RAM itself, but to a lack of enough voltage on the accelerator. Check one Vcc memory pin: if the voltage is bellow 4.7V you have some other solutions to try.
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