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Floppy disk Any way to create an A1000 kickstart disk using Amiga Forever?

Here's my problem:

I just bought an Amiga 1000 and want to test to see if it actually works, but I don't have a kickstart disk (I've got Workbench, but not the ROM disk). I also own Amiga Forever, which contains ROM files for every Amiga. (and of course, I own an A500)

So is there a way to create an A1000 kickstart disk using Amiga Forever?

I'd ask if somebody had an A1000 kickstart disk adf they could send me, but the posting guidelines say:

Workbench disks & Kickstart ROMs

It is illegal to distribute kickstart ROMs or Workbench disks (even if modified) as they are still copyrighted.

So please:

Do not: Post a link to where to download the ROMs/disks from
Do not: Attach the ROM in a post
Do not: Upload them to the zone
Do not: Post the source code

Doing so will result in the topic being locked/closed and the file(s) being deleted.

You can either use the ROM(s) / Workbench disks from your real Amiga(s) or you can buy them from:
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