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Been setting an amiga 600 up over the last few days. I used to have a A500 and 1200 back in the day, but getting back in to it now.
I spent most of yesterday trying to install workbench etc to the Compact Flash card, i dont remember it being so difficult back then !
Anyway the 600 has 2.04 rom so i figured just install OS 2.04. I wanted to use the SFS file system, but hdtoolbox won't use it, as it reverts to FFS.
It shows as FFS international i think, but says no disk present when trying to format.

Incidentally the FFS didnt work either but i managed to find the FFS file in the L directory on the floppy install. Not sure why that wasnt copied over during installation.
So i am wondering why SFS is not recognised. like with the FFS it was just a single file copied to L.
Anyone have an idea what i'm doing wrong, or any recommendations ?

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