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I haven't tried that aio-streams myself, but you can still watch YouTube videos with Odyssey (Applications/OWB in your MorphOS installation). It doesn't use overlay for embedded videos, which makes it horribly slow, but should display them on your setup. OWB's Fullscreen fix script would make videos use overlay and play them smoothly, but that doesn't help in your situation currently, but just to let you know.

For example, embedded videos in this thread here on EAB should work straight away with OWB (like seen here, for example: [ Show youtube player ]). And while Youtube's main page interface stopped working recently on OWB, it still works if you spoof it as IPad and use instead.

The nice thing with OWB is that you can also download the video to hard/ram disk and watch it with MPlayer then. Just start playing a video and then open the Network Activity window, and right click the video stream and copy its url. Then paste the url in the OWB to get it displayed directly in the internal media player... and then right click over the video and select "Download media" option. This may sound complicated, but when you learn it, it's just few clicks and you can download almost any video to a file
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