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Originally Posted by rygar View Post
Maybe you can share your backups? In this thread a lot of old BBS backups surfaced:

Oh well, I don't think so at least for now. And anyway, it's 99% in Finnish language and it is 100% lame visually as well as by content :-D If I ever get it online (read further), I'll just run it every once in a while for the Finn community to try it out.

Originally Posted by andy2004 View Post
Paragon 2.7 uploaded to the ZONE for you.. in Lha format.. which extracted will give 3 adf's

Oh yes. Just came to this thread telling I found it there. And for anyone who's interested, the version is 2.07 (2.0858 was the current version in 4/92). The archive also includes 2.0 but after looking around it a bit, I think the 2.0 disk is not needed even as 'base install'.

Now if I just could get it to behave when someone calls. I'm running it on real hardware and using Leif Bloomquist's Telnet BBS Server (software running on a PC, connected to Amiga via serial cable) to emulate a modem, but the best I've achieved yet is Paragon answering the phone and hanging up immediately.
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