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Hi, Thanks for your replies.
I've got the system working but not perfectly. The memory reaches 646Mb and 7 of the additions won't install - 20th century pack,mediacube,mixer,atweasel, Timi, classic 68k and RunUae. Or atleast they appear to still be available for installation in the extra installer. I tried reinstalling the Runuae program but atleast some of the parts of it are already there and it can't be reinstalled. I haven't got a soundblaster driver as far as I am aware in the winuae emulation but I don't know that that's the problem.
On a different point there appears to be an update 2 on the hyperion download page for OS 4.1 dated 23/12/20. I don't know what's in it but I might try it out in a bit.

Regards Steve
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