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Originally Posted by edmayn View Post
Thanks hooverphonique, as suspected.
As said, there is no function to move windows to other screens, correct.

Originally Posted by edmayn View Post
This is a discussion about AmigaOS 4, but this specific comment is about AmigaOS 3.1 I believe. So, perhaps, somehow it is possible to acheive,

Not in 3.1, no. And it is not intuition which is closing and re-opening the windows, but the workbench, and not triggered by an OpenScreen(), but due to OpenWorkbench(), for which intuition has *some* support through specific messages. In the end, though, it is just a CloseWindow() and OpenWindow() from the workbench process, and nothing magic at all. There is, as stated, no call for that. It is up to the responsible program to re-open the window(s).
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