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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
No, you are completely wrong.
It would just boot to an empty Shell prompt or give some sort of error on the Startup-Sequence.
Actual I am not completely wrong, because this does happen when you do not set up DH0: DIRECTORY correctly. The very same prompt appears only instead of DF0 it is DH0. I have set-up enough hard drives to experience this one before. It sometimes relates to bad formatting and/or incorrect software install.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
"NOt a DOS Disk in DF0" means that the disk in DF0 is bad or that the drive is bad. You can get this error with a broken disk drive.
NOTHING to do with the hard drive.
In this case as it states DF0: yes it doesn't have anything to do with HDD. I was only pointing out that this can happen with hard drive set-ups, so maybe a similar problem was happening here.

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