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Originally Posted by Deksor View Post
I don't have any amiga floppies so I couldn't test the drive that way, I tried several times to format DD floppies. At first it seemed to work, but it failed at the end. I tried to open it to clean the heads, then it didn't work at all and then I discovered the head motor was dead ... So I guess I broke it.
Yeah I guess you broke it. Floppy formatting usually fails because all disks are getting bit-rot and the drives are not at fault. People like to blame drives first, for some reason. I always blame shitty disks first.

Anyway, I am guessing then that the floppy drive didn't give that error on boot-up when you had it connected, so we can probably discard a failure on the computer, for now.

I'll try flashfloppy. I don't have much time and other things to fix right now, so that may happen in few weeks or month
Try Flashfloppy, and if that doesn't work, there might be a problem with the Amiga. Hard to tell.

It could be that the floppy disk image you are trying to use (Selector) got corrupted somehow/somewhere. You can use Flashfloppy without a config/selector so you should try that out, with different disk images.

You said it takes ten seconds to show the error. Up until that point, is the Gotek reading the "disk"? Do you have floppy drive LED activity?
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