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Originally Posted by MigaTech View Post
The same happens on HDD set-up when the Amiga cannot find an OS or there is problems with the start-up sequence.
No, you are completely wrong.
It would just boot to an empty Shell prompt or give some sort of error on the Startup-Sequence.

"NOt a DOS Disk in DF0" means that the disk in DF0 is bad or that the drive is bad. You can get this error with a broken disk drive.
NOTHING to do with the hard drive.

Perhaps the OP has a more serious issue (CIA? Recap?), that made his floppy drive fail.

Did it fail in the same way with floppies, Deksor? Have you recapped the machine?

Originally Posted by Deksor View Post
All I did was to upload the 1.05a firmware to the gotek emulator which seemed to work, then I formated the USB key in FAT 32 and then I put the SELECTOR.ADF file at the key's root. I tried with another USB key, but I got the same result.
Try FlashFloppy instead of Cortex and see if the same happens.
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