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WinUAE config with clean/crisp pixel scaling?


I've used WinUAE (3.3.0) only enough to get it to work, but I don't have a ton of experience with it. I'm trying to play a game that (from what I see) has an original resolution of 320x200. Screenshot here:

(There are other screenshots of this game where they have different resolutions, such as 320x240, or 320x256, however, all of those screenshots have extra black bars on the top/bottom of the screenshot, which tells me the game's intended res (height) is shorter.)

I managed to get the game to render at SuperLoRes in 320x200, and I had to manually shift the panning (guess and check) until it perfectly fit inside the window.

The ultimate purpose is to make a screen capture video for YouTube. I assumed, that recording at the actual original resolution (uncompressed, raw video) would be the best way to achieve a final product video of clean, crisp pixels. Not at all true. When the video is played through YouTube, the small resolution (320x200) is scaled up to fit the player with the averaged/blurred method of scaling, not nearest neighbor, making a very blurry, crappy-looking video lol. So, unfortunately, my only choice (I guess) is to record it at a higher resolution, to minimize pixel blurring. However, I just can't figure out how to set everything up to where WinAUE actually runs first of all, the image itself (in WinUAE) doesn't have blurred pixels (I want them to be crisp, like it's the original image), and the image isn't scaled weirdly, and the image is panned properly. I feel like WinUAE tries to guess the resolution that I actually wanted, like, 320x200 works, but if I try 640x400, it tries to do some odd aspect ratio/positioning/resizing rather than trusting that it will fit as-is, and displaying the image from the top-left corner at 640x400 and filling the entire window. It doesn't seem to be that simple, for me, at least.

As two examples, I'd be happy with either of these:

Windowed: 640x400 (320x200 * 2) (last choice)
Windowed: 960x600 (320x200 * 3) (first choice)

Any help on how to set up WinUAE properly for this would be super appreciated.

Alternatively, I suppose I could record the video in it's original intended res (320x200) again, and then use some sort of program to up-scale the entire video in a "nearest neighbor" manner, rather than an average/blur manner. So it could scale the video from 320x200 to, say, 1280x800, and maintain clean pixels. (1 pixel --> 4x4 pixels). If anyone knows of such a software, that would be a possible solution for me as well. Thank you for your time!
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