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Gotek floppy emulator - first test

I got my 2 Gotek kits today, and I managed to do some brief testing tonight.
Both came with the 1.05a firmware already installed.

I formatted a Sandisk Cruzer 32GB stick as it was available for trashing,
as FAT32 as per user manual, and also downloaded and copied the selector.adf and some other adf's to it.

I disconnected the internal floppy of my A500+ system, and connected the
power and floppy cable that came with the kit (bog standard cables) to the
A500+ mainboard.

After powerup, everything appeared fine, the selector booted, and I was able to configure it, and then select adf images using the buttons.

But when booting to Workbench, I noticed some odd behaviour. The Gotek generates a lot of "disk" activity, and after it has settled, it idles for a few second, then the disk icon disappears followed by new disk access for several seconds and diskicon re-appering, and this never stops. Its like when you eject and insert a regular floppies in few second intervals.

I also tried to copy files from the Gotek drive to RAM: to compare the speed against a regular floppy (DF2, and the result was not exactly impressive.

The regular floppy drive copied all the files from an AmigaDOS disk in 52 seconds, while the Gotek did it in 135 seconds (same disk image), including me having to acknowledge 2 AmigaDOS requesters ala "You MUST insert disk ... back into DF0:" during the copy process.

Both my Goteks behaves the same. The only jumper closed is S0.

Can anyone enlighten me to whether this is normal behaviour for this floppy emulator, or if I have forgotten something?

Thanks in advance for replies.
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