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The Biden Theme:
the Lemmings in that level are constantly forgetting, what task they where given and/or fall suddenly asleep.
Instead of "Oh no!" they shout "C'mon man!".

The Angela "there is no alternative" Merkel Theme:
you can only ever choose of one single option at a given time ... makes the game extremely boring, but what else would you expect....

The Kim Yong Un Theme:
the Lemmings all have a fancy new hairstyle ... you can choose exactly one Lemming to be in Un-Mode: a little bit shorter but twice as wide... not walking but rolling.
The rest of the options: rockets... all kinds of rockets.

The Putin Theme
the landscape is a winter-theme, with elements of a chess-board, Tetris, some old Lenin-statues in the background ....
there are "friendly" and "hostile" Lemmings and you have to fight the hostile Lemmings with kalashnikovs, poison and judo...
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