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Originally Posted by chapstick View Post
to emulate the ppc side I guess I need the cyberstorm ppc or blizzard ppc rom image.

Am I right that they aren't included in the amiga forever package
I have no idea if the PPC ROMs are included, but isn't AF advertised as ready for OS 4? As such I would assume they are included.

where can I get them
You can make your own using the official flash updates.

Create an empty file in the ROMs directory called either cyberstormppc.rom, blizzardppc_040.rom or blizzardppc_060.rom, configure them as accelerator ROM file in WinUAE, start the emulation and run the flash update. If you then rescan the ROMs WinUAE should recognise the file as a valid ROM file.

purchase amiga os4.0?
You should go for 4.1 final edition. It's the latest version available and costs only a third of the older 4.0 or 4.1.

Edit: I checked my AF8 DVD. It contains a file called ralphschmidt-cyberstorm-ppc-4471.rom, but it's 0 bytes. So you probably are supposed to go through the flash update process as described above.
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