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Originally Posted by chapstick View Post
Hi all,

I am new to amiga emulation, used to have an A1200 with ppc years ago. Anyway clearing out loft, I found an old hard drive which I had in my Amiga. (all boxed so hopefully working ok). I have purchased amiga forever 8 and starting to set up the os. Couple of questions, to emulate the ppc side I guess I need the cyberstorm ppc or blizzard ppc rom image. Am I right that they aren't included in the amiga forever package and if so where can I get them, can the amiga emulator read real ice hard drives? I am looking at buying the usb to ide, sata adapter. Will this work? And for amiga os 4.0 again I guess I need to get the ppc rom then purchase amiga os4.0? Sorry for all the questions.

I can't answer all of your questions (I have no knowledge about PPC), but I can answer at least this: can the amiga emulator read real ice hard drives?

Yes, it can. I'm not sure if it works through a USB adapter, but WinUAE can read and write "real Amiga" hard disks attached through regular IDE or an IDE=>SATA converter. Should this fail (assuming you still have the Amiga 1200), there's also the option of getting a PCMCIA to Compact Flash adapter and copying files that way (such as this one:
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