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In reply to @amigafreak68k and @BastyCDGS:

I will probably merge WinUAE 4.5 code into FS-UAE 4.0, and probably like this:
- First release one or more development versions based on the current WinUAE 4.2 code.
- Then merge in WinUAE 4.3 code - release at least one dev version based on it.
- Repeat for 4.4 and 4.5

One reason for this is that merging code is *sometimes* quite tricky and subtle bugs can appear (Immediate and reproducible crashes are usually easily resolved). So it can be useful for other people to be able to test problems with FS-UAE versions based on the 4.2 code, so that I can know if the problem was introduced before or after merging more recent WinUAE code.

Merging in code does not automatically bring with it new features. Voodoo 3 support might require additional adaption (and sometimes also fixes in order to make code portable to Linux/macOS also).

EDIT: Also thanks BastyCDGS for testing stuff in the git version, I didn't know I already had some outside testing of stuff there

As for UAE expansions, I'm not sure which ones you mean @amigafreak68k. But the version in git now, supports running AmigaOS 4.1 with UAE file system (etc), and I also got x86 bridgeboards working, among other things.

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