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Old thread but anyway...

I have a 3c589c PCMCIA- network card and the combo dongle. I have used it with 10Base-T cabling and it works like a charm (I am using the full version of Roadshow -stack).

Now I am building a coaxial 10Base-2 network (just for the fun of it) but I can't get my A1200 to connect thrue it. In debug view I see just that the card is not getting any replies to its DHCP requests.

The weird thing is: this same 3c589 with the same cabling WORKS on my Win98 laptop (just installed the driver, let it be on DCP as default and it just works). But not on my A1200. It looks like the Amiga driver is not able to select (or autosense) the 10Base2 connection as it gives me the very same thing if I have no cable plugged at all!

I have downloaded the 3Com app and on my PC laptop I verified that the card was set to automatically sense the connection. I have also tried to set it permanently to coax but that has no effect (in this mode Win98 would still autosense the connection, as if it overrides the setting).

I have also tried it on another A1200 using Miami. That says that it can't get and IP address, either.

So as far as I see: the cabling is correct, the card is working, but the Amiga's driver is missing something. Or I have missed some way to affect it.

Any ideas?
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